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Enjoying her spa day!

Hi everyone, my name is Marley and I just want to tell you about my amazing spa day at K-9 Klippers. First things first, I am a golden retriever who loves to look pretty and to be told how beautiful my glowing coat is. So you can see why it is extremely important for me to keep this frequent beauty day thing going. The very first thing I do when I get to the groomers is freak out with excitment! Then mom hands me over to the lovely ladies taking care of me and it’s time to get started! “Bye mom, see ya later!” I hop up on the table and they begin my beauty treament. They start by gently brushing my silky coat. Stroke after stroke, I sit there patiently until the next step. After that’s settled I get my nails trimmed and filed down to perfection. Now it’s my favorite part, SHAMPOO TIME! Not only does it feel good but I smell so nice by the time Robyn is done with me. Wait, it gets better though; after the bath they use this blow dryer that feels like a massage all over. I can’t even decide which one is my favorite. When I’m almost dry I always shake my head and pretend I’m in one of those commercials that they have on TV of the dogs shaking the water off in slow motion. It would be so cool if someone took a video of me doing that at least once. Anyway, when I’m all dry I get brushed out and trimmed up. Last but not least I get to pick out my very own bow and perfume. Of course I always go with the purple one and the blueberry perfume, I mean who doesn’t like blueberries right! And that’s my wonderful spa day for ya! I hope you liked my story and hope to see you there!


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Safe and Sound!

This is one of my favorite songs by Taylor Swift. This song Safe and Sound is so pretty. I started playing guitar when I was a junior in high school and taught myself from Youtube. Playing guitar and singing is such a great stress reliever. I picked my friends guitar up one day and fell in love. Then my grandma gave me her old one which was a classic made from rosewood and is very rare now. I Now have four of them and they are hard to put them down.


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My Bros!

Ever since I was little I loved horses and I grew up around them. I have had many horses different horses in all the years but Milo and Trouble have managed to stick around, and they’re here to stay!

This is Milo, he is a 7 year old Thoroughbred off the track who didn’t make the racing business because he came casually trotting out of the starting gate. He is 17 hands of goofy  and gentle. Milo is very good at cuddling and eating all the food around him. He enjoys bugging Trouble and chasing him around which is good I guess because now that Chubbs is retired he has put on some extra pounds.




This is Trouble, I’ve had him since I was eight years old and he has been my best friend for a long time. He was my first pony and a birthday gift. He came from out west so I used to make up stories about him being a wild mustang that we had to tame because he was crazy when we got him. Now he is so safe and gentle that a five year good ride him. Oh but don’t let this 23 year old guy fool you, he still gets into mischief. (I didn’t name him Trouble for no reason, and he lives up to his name.) Trouble is such a character who loves people and attention, and is very affectionate.